2014 Mazenod College student booklist

MazBay - Where the Mazenod College Community buy and sell textbooks online

This site is available for members of the Mazenod College Community to buy and sell used booklisted textbooks. Calculators are included.

To SELL textbooks and calculators log in via username and password. All students have a MazBay username and password. Please contact the Library if you do not have your username and password. Ph: 8561 1137 or librarystaff@mazenod.vic.edu.au

To BUY simply go to the title listed and contact the seller - no login or password required.

  • Items for sale are listed in the menu bar on the right.
  • Check edition and ISBN details carefully to ensure you are buying the correct booklisted item.
  • All booklisted titles are on this list. If a title is not here it means it's no longer on the booklist. Members are not permitted to add new pages to MazBay. Recommendations for additional pages may be sent to librarystaff@mazenod.vic.edu.au
  • Mazenod College provides this site to help students buy and sell second-hand textbooks.
  • All transactions are personal agreements between individuals for which the college cannot take responsibility.
  • Items should not change hands until classes have finished, however, arrangements can be made between buyers and sellers prior to the end of the school year.

ISBN - each textbook's unique number
  • It is the13 digit number located on the back cover of the book with the barcode.
  • Every book has its own unique number so check it carefully.

Security & Responsibilities
MazBay is set up on wiki technology which enables us to check security breaches. A 'history' of everything written on or deleted from the site recorded against the login of the user. Membership of MazBay may be revoked for breaches of rules governing this site.
It's understandable that mistakes can happen, please report any issues with this site to librarystaff@mazenod.vic.edu.au so they can be attended to promptly.
Technical queries to Mrs Elliott, Head of Library, Mazenod College - celliott@mazenod.vic.edu.au.
Questions about booklist items should be sent to the Homeroom teacher.